United States: Make your Independence Day more decorative…!!

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Red, white and blue….The colors of American Flag…that’s all we need to spice up our Independence Day décor on 9th July. Let’s see what all can be done this Independence Day…..

  • usa independence dayUSA INDEPENDENCE DAY

Decorating Outdoors

Independence Day is the first summer holiday. Backyard BBQs, community parades and firework displays are the traditional celebrations. Most of us have the day off and we all want to celebrate this day outdoors. To make the holiday more enjoyable, let’s decorate our yard, patio, or even our homes with 4th of July theme.

Beyond the colors of the American flag, there's plenty of iconography to draw on as you create your patriotic presentation: Uncle Sam, bald eagles and first & foremost stars and stripes. You can find all kinds of spirited decor and accent pieces featuring these instantly recognizable symbols. Summer weather can be unpredictable, so be sure to select items you can secure to withstand high winds and that won't get damaged in the rain.

Use Independence Day Bunting

The all-time favorite Independence Day decoration is the classic red, white and blue bunting. You see it everywhere-on the parade grandstand, on the speaker's podium and even on used car lots. It's easy to hang and readily available. For your own home, drape plenty of these festive decorations along a porch railing or fence. Your front lawn and backyard are great places to sprinkle 4th of July festivities. A wide variety of patriotic items are always flooded in the markets, pick some flags, some garden statues or whatever catches your fancy.

Garden Ornaments

Your front lawn and backyard are great places to sprinkle 4th of July festivities. A wide variety of patriotic items like flags are readily available. All you need to do is add color (specifically red, white and blue), some motion and some nighttime illumination. Perk up your outdoor space with the ones that you like best.

Door Décor

We can use the large expanse of our door as a canvas for patriotic artwork. We are sure this is going to make a big impression on guests -as well as anyone driving by. Repeat the theme at your windows and other possible areas in an Independence Day design. They're practical, inexpensive and easy to find.

Carry the Theme Indoors

4th July is quite an outdoor style festival so all attentions belongs outdoor. We can even carry the same theme indoors into our living rooms to bedrooms or even lounges. We can always decorate them with Red Blue & White using lot of festoons of stars…stripes etc. Patriotic decor items such as flags are perfect for shelves & tables etc.. Floral arrangements, photo frames and collectible statues are other options. Red, white and blue throw pillows are a quick and easy way to touch up the living room. An Americana tablecloth or a runner and placemat set is just what your dining room needs.

  • usa independence dayUSA INDEPENDENCE DAY

Kitchen Décor

There are no special Kitchen utensils or bakeware that we can recall, are “4th July specific” but yes there are always ways to create the theme into your kitchen. We can always hang some American themed décor items like frills, bows onto out kitchen shelves. Use blue, red & white kitchen table mats over working tables & counters along with some themed pot holders. We can even hang some themed color ferry lights on the corners or with kitchen windows to make it more attractive.


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4th July is a great holiday spent

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many many years back we stayed in us for some days , and it was their independence day during those days. we had good fun at family picnic. there were hundreds of us there in that area I think

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