These Biodegradable Burial Pod Will Turn Your Deceased Loved One Into A Tree

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Capsula Mundi
Capsula Mundi : We don't need any schooling on how dead bodies are treated under different cultural practices. A variety of age-old practices lands dead bodies under the ground or for cremation. But what if you could just turn a deceased loved one into a tree?
After a person has died, the remains of the body are encased inside a pod which is planted in the soil with a tree above it.
Capsula Mundi
Over the period of time, the tree takes all the nutrients it needs to grow, from the body.  "A cemetery will no longer be full of tombstones and will become a sacred forest." 
Capsula Mundi
This egg-shaped pod is a biodegradable plastic shell, that breaks down and the remains provide nutrients to a sapling planted right above it.
As for now, the designers have only launched a version which is ash-only, however, they do plan to bring in a capsule to encapsulate the whole body. 
Capsula Mundi
Photo Courtesy : Capsula Mundi


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