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    Apartment Interior Design & Decoration Ideas

    Most of us stay in apartments, where we are always crammed up for space. Limited space is clearly one of the major concerns when it comes to decorating an apartment. Ideally, when it comes to decorating, maximizing the amount of space available would need to be one of the first priorities, with adequate storage solutions running a close second.

    629 days ago by Humming Bird
  • 4 Things Tidy People Do Every Day  (besides making a  bed)

    4 Things Tidy People Do Every Day (besides making a bed)

    Who wants to be tidier? It's not as hard as you think. Those people who effortlessly clean homes just know a few rules that you don't and I am here to spill them for you…

    630 days ago by Ms. Housekeeper
  • Master Bedroom & Bed Suite Interiors

    Master Bedroom & Bed Suite Interiors

    With busy lives full of family, friends and work, our bedroom is often times the place we go to relax and escape everyday tensions. When done right, a bedroom is a stress-free private sanctuary full of soothing colors, comfortable bedding and plush pillows

    631 days ago by Design Devil
  • The Interior Directory.Com - Independence Day Special Feature

    The Interior Directory.Com - Independence Day Special Feature

    The Interior Directory.Com wishes all our American friends across the globe a very Happy Independence day 2015..

    631 days ago by Festival Freak
  • Macroni and Cheese Recipe

    Macroni & Cheese

    We wish our all American friends across the globe....a very Happy Independence Day ..... Enjoy the best of food & festivities... specially for you, our Mr Baker is presenting you with his special " Macroni & Cheese" ..Hope you all would like it....making as well as enjoying as Independence Day meal.

    632 days ago by Mr. Baker
  • Home Decor Ideas

    The Interior Directory.Com Weekly Design & Interior Newsletter

    We are glad to share with you our first weekly global

    632 days ago by Humming Bird
  • Home Decor ideas

    United States: Make your Independence Day more decorative…!!

    Red, white and blue….The colors of American Flag…that’s all we need to spice up our Independence Day décor on 9th July. Let’s see what all can be done this Independence Day…..

    632 days ago by Festival Freak
  • Kitchen & Dining Room Photo

    Do you enjoy decorating your home! Is it “Design Psychology”?

    Many a times, we have felt when we try & redecorate our home in the way we like, we get immense satisfaction. This happens even when we reorganize our cupboards, cabinets, kitchen shelf, office drawers or even our kids’ room. This always leaves you somewhat tired but the satisfaction you get after doing this and the joy of doing it, gives us ultimate joy. We use different colors as per our likings. We use different upholstery patterns as per interior theme of the house. Once it’s done. It just seems the best work, and leaves a smile on

    632 days ago by Design Devil
  • Living Room Decor Ideas & Photos

    Are We Capable Of Decorating Our Home?

    In daily life, there come many jobs that we might like to do ourselves. Decorating our homes with our personal touch is one of these jobs; which we have taken for granted. There are so many Do-it-yourself ideas and tips around to follow. Similarly, these ideas are also easy to take into consideration and follow according to their suitability and the individual’s personal demands. Home design improvement is a task, some people may like to do themselves or under their supervision. So, looking for available ideas in this niche will help to get more detailed version of what to do and how to do while decorating your home or office.

    633 days ago by Design Devil