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  • Maggie’s Centres UK

    Health + Wellbeing + Design

    Ever worked in a badly lit office with yellowing ceiling panels, dull carpet tiles and terrible acoustics? The bet is you didn’t stay late at work a minute longer than you had to.

    583 days ago by Design Devil
  • K House Munich Germany

    K House Munich Germany

    Architect Sauerbruch Hutton, Germany : Completed in 2012 with facing bricks design, This new type of city villa has replaced a 1950s building. It is located in a popular upmarket residential area facing a large park.

    583 days ago by Design Devil
  • SingaPlural 2016 : Sense of Touch with Weekend Worker

    SingaPlural 2016 : Sense of Touch with Weekend Worker

    This year SingaPlural 2016 seeks to present experiences as equations of our senses; an agglomeration of smells, textures, visuals, sounds and tastes. With the 6 core pillars of the festival, SingaPlural calls on the community of creatives, manufacturers amongst others to join in the intricate exploration that will challenge the ubiquitous when it comes to our five senses. All textbook knowledge previously hoarded will be deconstructed and reformed into refreshing ideals

    583 days ago by Queen Bee
  • Distinguished International Recognition for Les Ensembliers

    Distinguished International Recognition for Les Ensembliers

    Les Ensembliers : A Montreal-based company combining the services of a design agency, an architectural firm and a construction firm, continues to break new ground in the design world through its unique approach to “building meaning into beauty”. Through its creative processes and the vertical integration of its business units, Les Ensembliers continues to distinguish itself as an innovative international design firm.

    583 days ago by Gossip Queen
  • Kengo Kuma Architecture Lego

    An Architect's Japanese Cedar "Lego" For Kids

    Kengo Kuma & Associates designed a set of cedar building blocks taht allow kids to explore more complex and unusual shapes.

    584 days ago by Gossip Queen
  • Taquari Home, Brazil

    U Shape Taquari Home, Brazil

    The U-shape of this two-storey residence is owed to the owners’ strong will to preserve an old beautiful tree standing on the site

    584 days ago by Travel Journo
  • 1938 Coddington French Connection

    The Stunning 1938 Coddington “French Connection” Roadster Is Up For Grabs ?

    Barrett-Jackson’s 45th Anniversary Auction will give motorsport mavens the opportunity to become part of the provenance of several regaled racecars, roadsters, and coupes. Held at the WestWorld events center in Scottsdale, Ariz., the celebratory sale will feature iconic cars with storied race careers in the United States between the 1940s and ’60s, as well as models with cutting-edge coachwork of the day.

    585 days ago by Gossip Queen


    An extremely well-considered and successful scheme completed with great aspirations and care. Creating a centrepiece of medium density residential dwellings around a significant highway roundabout needs careful consideration and the architects have completed this with great skill. The tall glazed units, with colonnaded apartments behind, work very well to create a robust and welcoming junction point to the scheme. Beyond this the patternation of development with green landscaped fingers and elegant slim units provides meandering intrigue to the users and owners

    585 days ago by Queen Bee
  • Architect Kengo Kuma

    "The Designs are Completely Different" Says Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma

    Japanese architect denies copying Zaha Hadid's Olympic stadium design.

    585 days ago by Design Devil