I Feel The Clouds Singing and Dancing

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Ceramic artists Lee Huiwen and Kenneth Lau

SingaPlural 2016 : I FEEL THE CLOUDS SINGING explores the unique properties of clay and rattan in a musical cloud-scape that invites viewers to engage our world with all our senses, and more importantly with the curious eyes of our imagination.

I Feel The Clouds Singing Installation- SingaPlural 2016

Ceramic artists Huiwen and Kenneth from Studio Asobi were inspired by a trekking journey in the mountains of Taiwan where they spent a day hiking in the midst of the swirling clouds that surrounded them. Awed by the ethereal and transient beauty of the clouds flowing silently around their feet, they imagined a world where clouds are alive - little creatures that flock and sing to one another in tiny voices.

As a departure from the conventional presentation of fragile ceramics, with over four thousand handmade pieces of un-glazed white stoneware delicately positioned on flexible rattan sticks, Studio Asobi designed a cloud-scape that visitors could wander into and engage with, running their hands playfully over the ceramic pieces and listening to their tinkling sounds as they bounced gently against one another. Creatively transforming the predominantly visual and tactile medium of ceramics, Studio Asobi celebrated the sense of hearing in this interactive sound installation where visitors are invited to forget what is real and, for a brief moment, become the wind.

I Feel The Clouds Singing Installation SingaPlural

Ceramic artists Lee Huiwen and Kenneth Lau have used rattan and clay to create an interactive cloud-scape installation. Visitors are encouraged to run their fingers over the clay pieces. There is a fear of breaking it (it’s so delicate looking), followed by the thrill of its unbreakable nature. It catches the attention of its passerby.

Studio Asobi

Studio Asobi was founded by Huiwen and Kenneth, a husband and wife team of ceramic artists. After a pilgrimage of discovery in Tajimi, one of Japan’s famous pottery towns, Huiwen left her financially rewarding corporate career to take a big step of faith and practice ceramics full-time. Trained in art and architecture, Kenneth has always held a special love for ceramic sculpture, and since joining Huiwen in this practice, now helps to chart Studio Asobi’s artistic direction.

Studio Asobi

Asobi (遊) means “play” in Japanese. It also means “journeying” or “wandering” in Mandarin. Their ceramic art is a reflection of their spiritual journey of faith, using clay to express their love, hope, and struggles. Infusing a spirit of play and poetry in their creations, they lovingly name their vessels and weave in the dreamy beauty of haikus.

Going beyond making good art, Studio Asobi also reaches out to the local community through pottery workshops as well as a pledge of 20% of its profits to support the homeless in Singapore through a local charity.


Photo Courtesy: Studio Asobi

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