How to Turn Your Garden into an Outdoor Living Area

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How to Turn Your Garden into an Outdoor Living Area
Home Decor : How do you fancy turning your back yard into somewhere you can comfortably hang out? Well, it’s easily done. Here’s how to turn your garden into to an outdoor living area…
Go under cover 
When the sun is shining in the sky, there’s no nicer place to be than in our gardens, right? But, when clouds gather and the heavens open, nobody wants to sit on the lawn. So, get yourself a wooden canopy (or perhaps consider pergolas for something more permanent that also adds value to your property) so you can get a little respite from both sunshine and showers. It will be the perfect place to sit, and it’s particularly good for elderly or very young people who want to enjoy the sun without burning or feeling unwell. 
Buy some comfortable garden furniture 
Next, your garden needs what any indoor living area needs: comfortable furniture to lounge on. Treat yourself to the nicest chairs and benches you can afford, as well as buying a table so that you and your loved ones can gather for alfresco dinners in the summer. 
Wicker is a cost-effective material to look for when you’re choosing furniture, but there are lots of options on the market that are suitable for both summer and for winter, so take some time to shop around and choose something you like. 
Whatever you choose, jazz up your space (and make it even more comfortable) by buying some nice soft furnishings such as colorful cushions and blankets... remembering to take your upholstery indoors if it rains – no one likes a soggy chair! 
Arrange your furniture in a way that allows for conversation 
Once you’ve bought your furniture, arrange it in such a way that encourages people to sit and talk to one another. Positioning your chairs around a table will give you a focal point to work with and will keep conversation flowing all day long. But, you could also create a separate area if you fancy a quiet place to spend some alone time: for instance, putting a garden swing in a sunny corner can make a lovely place to relax, read or contemplate your day. 
Consider permanent cooking facilities
A great deal of life revolves around food: after all, it’s enjoyable and tends to be the center point of many gatherings, from birthday parties to simple dinner parties. 
So, why not make your garden a truly outdoor living area by installing some proper cooking facilities? You could treat yourself to a BBQ island if you love hosting backyard cookouts, or you could simply buy a top-quality grill to use on the patio for those nights where only an outdoor dinner party will do. Why not consider a pizza oven while you’re at it? There’s nothing more delicious than a homemade pizza cooked on the lawn, and you’re sure to have your friends and family coming back for more! 
Add lighting for the evening
Who says you have to go indoors when the sun goes down? Simply give a little bit of thought to how you’re going to illuminate your outdoor space so you can continue using it well into the night. You might want to add lots of lighting around the perimeter of your garden to show an immaculate lawn or a luscious flower bed, and it’s a good idea to add plenty of lighting to your patio, pergola or decking area too: after all, this is where you’re likely to be gathered. 
‘Task lighting’ like this isn’t just for indoor use, so position lights near tables and chairs so you can see what you’re doing. And, finally, you might want to consider a bit of decorative lighting as well: festoon lighting looks beautiful arranged in trees or strewn across a backyard – look on Pinterest for inspiration for hanging yours.


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