Gothenburg Sweden to Have Recreational Space and Retail

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Gothenburg Sweden to Have Recreational Space and Retail
Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture  : Heden is a unique open space in the centre of Gothenburg in Sweden. As the city continues to densify and develop the question is can it continue to be an area that continues to connect people and act as a key venue for sport.
Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture (KKA) wants to recreate and rebuild Heden to create a sportsground that besides featuring halls for different sports will also include a car park.
A boulevard will be built across the site and brought to life with open-air cafés, greenery and an opportunity for youngsters and kids to enjoy this car free city-space.
Along the street a centre for commerce will emerge and there will be room for working places, stores and restaurants. 
The boulevard and car park will connect directly to the sports ground. The submerged street will be surrounded by a 10m high facade which will create a central section that is brighter than most of the city streets.
After smart planning of the ramps all parts of the street will connect to each other and all floors and levels can be reach by elevators.
Halls that are in a need of daylight will be placed along the street, parking and sport ground are set behind of this.
Heden will continue to be a unique and open space in the heart of Gothenburg, and at the same time it will be a focus for commerce and business which will act as a catalyst for the development of Gothenburg City Centre.

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